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Monday-Friday: 9.30am - 5.30pm
what i offer

Psycotherapy and Counselling I hold counselling/psychotherapy and focusing sessions at my comfortable, quiet consulting room in Lancashire.

How much is a session?

  • £100 for a duration of 50 minutes,
  • £50 for using my own online chat or Skype for 50 minutes
  • Every 10th session will be free.

We can sessions online or face to face! I’m constantly in the air traveling to many parts of the world. Perhaps you travel often or cannot get into Lancashire or maybe it is difficult for you to fit the travel time into your busy week.

كيف يمكن للأطفال كسب المال على الانترنت Counselling and psychotherapy sessions can be conducted via my online chat or Skype as well as face to face sessions. Online sessions are just as effective as face to face sessions and quick and easy to set up. Contact me for details and we can try a first session to see if you are comfortable with it before we plan more sessions. Our time together will be spent exploring the issues that you bring in a discreet, confidential, safe and supporting environment.

الخيارات الثنائية حساب تجريبي مجانا دون إيداع

What can I achieve?

ثنائي الخيار رديت Together we will work on the issues which are affecting your life to find a way for you to deal with what is going on for you, and help you to resolve them so that you can feel happier and more at ease. I understand that it can be very difficult to talk about certain issues and I will try to help you feel as comfortable with this as is possible. If we are Focusing with a problem or difficulty, it may start to shift by itself in a direction that we haven’t expected. It can provide us with answers/solutions to difficulties. Focusing can be learned so that it can be used in everyday life to help us find an easier way of being with a problem, or even a solution to it. It can be used to help make difficult decisions. It is a useful aid to stress relief and personal development and can help you to feel calmer, happier and generally more at peace.

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عضو جمعية الاقتصاد السعودي عصام خليفة أن سعر الذهب حالياً Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional problems and mental health conditions. It involves talking to a trained therapist...

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